Indeed, Facebook is a great platform for marketers to reach out to potential customers with their products and communications and get them converted. However, to optimize the learning of the Facebook campaigns it’s very important that the conversions get tracked accurately.

If you are marketing luxury products or targeting the top income group audience to reach out, then no wonder you would be targeting the “Apple” devise users or the “iOS” users. But with the release of Apple’s latest operating system – “iOS 14” – there seems to be an update to their policies as well. These changes made by Apple may significantly limit your marketing efforts as this is going to affect the delivery and tracking of the overall performance of your Facebook campaigns.

Specifically, these changes will limit your ability to:

  • Effectively deliver ads to people based on their engagement with your business
  • Measure and report on conversions from certain customers
  • Ensure that your ads are delivered to the most relevant audiences at the right frequency
  • Accurately attribute app installs to people using iOS 14 and later
  • Predict and optimize cost per action over time and efficiently allocate budgets

To deal with these issues Facebook Business has suggested some steps that will help you to prepare your event setup and management for these changes –

  • Plan to operate with eight conversion events per domain as you’ll be restricted to configuring up to eight unique conversion events per website domain. The ad sets that have been optimized for a conversion event that’s no longer available will be paused when Facebook implements Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework.
  • The initial conversion events will be configured by Facebook itself which it believes are the most relevant to your business based on your activity. All other events will be made inactive for campaign optimization and reporting. However, you can edit your conversion event selection in Facebook Events Manager.
  • Do complete domain verification of your website. The businesses can complete it from their Business Manager. However, domain verification needs to be done at the effective top-level domain plus one (eTLD+1).

Well, that’s pretty much about it. Go ahead and follow the steps to set some benchmarking sales numbers through Facebook campaigns on iOS 14.