Job Description: 
  1. Plan, create and manage ads on Google Ads
  2. Plan, create and manage ads on Facebook Ads Manager
  3. Daily reporting and analysis of performance across channels against goals (ROI, CPT etc.)
  4. Identify trends and optimize spend and performance based on the insights
  5. Improve landing page experience, conversion points and optimize based on user journey funnels
Skills Required: 
  1. Good analytical skills and willingness to learn
  2. Good writing and communication skills
  3. Two (2) to Five (5) years of experience in hands-on execution of Facebook Ads and Google Ads, preferably in a digital marketing agency across search, apps, display and shopping campaigns
  4. Determination and self-drive
About Mozak Labs: 
1. Official Website: 
2. Started in October 2018 
3. Mozak labs is a high ROI digital marketing agency for any size of business, especially small and medium e-commerce online businesses.
Businesses who are primarily offline and would like to foray into online sales, fearing the dread of profitability, Mozak Labs is able to help such players too. We don’t believe in “business as usual”. In fact, with our team of digital experts, we commit to transforming your online marketing efforts from the usual traps of non-contributing digital marketing agencies.