Facebook Ads is an excellent platform, but a lot of businesses and brands find it difficult to understand. Interacting with Facebook Ads for the first time might be scary for some people but once you understand how it works your business will fly.

In this Facebook Ads guide for beginners, I’m going to show you everything you need to know to have a perfect first campaign.

Why use Facebook Ads?

There are a lot of good reasons to invest both time and money into Facebook Ads. All those options they offer, are highly measurable, easy to understand and is a good skill for the long term.

Want to target parents of a toddler interested in pets? Want to target these people only if they’re already connected to your Page or business? You can do both. The targeting and retargeting options available through Facebook Ads are extremely good.

Facebook Ads are also connected to Instagram Ads. You can run a single campaign for both platforms, connecting you to audiences on both platforms. Since the goal of Facebook Ads is to put your content in front of many users as possible without them to come find you is a great advantage over Google Ads.

Creating profitable Facebook Ads isn’t actually as difficult as it sounds. Ads Manager is used to create an Ad according to Facebook Ads guidelines.

1. Create Strategy

You need to have a strategy in place before planning to create a Facebook Campaign. Without this, you absolutely will get confused by all the objectives and you’ll end up creating an ad campaign that will target users based on the wrong objective and thus wastage of money.

Before creating a campaign, you need to keep a note about: –

  1. Objective and Goal of the campaign
  2. About the Products and Services, you provide
  3. Target Audience and Platform
  4. Demographics like age and gender
  5. The Ultimate Selling Point of the product
  6. Budget Planning.

2. Choose Your Objective

Before creating your campaign, you need to choose your objective. It’s important to choose the right one because Facebook will optimize ad placements based on your objective. The right one may improve your CPC and your results too.

Choose objective for Facebook Ads
Choose objective for Facebook Ads

You can choose from the following objectives:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Reach
  3. Traffic
  4. Engagement
  5. App installs
  6. Video views
  7. Lead generation
  8. Messages
  9. Conversions
  10. Catalog Sales
  11. Store Visits

You want to select an objective that matches your goal. For example, you’re running a video campaign that’s designed to drive sales, choose the “conversions” objective instead of the “video views” one.

3. Target Audience

After choosing your objective you need to choose the audience you want your ads to show in your campaign.

 Targeting for Facebook Ads
Targeting for Facebook Ads

Following are the types of audience: –

  1. Custom audiences – which target specific users from your email list, or users who have taken certain actions on your site, your Facebook, or your Instagram’s business profile
  2. Lookalike audiences – which replicate behavior from your custom audience list
  3. Demographic targeting – age and gender
  4. Location targeting
  5. Interest/behavior targeting

4. Ads Placement

Now you will set the ad placement in different platforms, apps, and devices you want your ad to be shown on. You can select devices like mobile-only, desktop-only or both desktop and mobile. You’ll also have multiple options on Facebook, several on Instagram, and the audience network.

Ad placement for Facebook Ads
Ad placement for Facebook Ads

You can run automatic placements where your ad will be shown across all over Facebook and Instagram like in stories, feed, messenger, etc. Or you can take control of placements manually by selecting where to show ads.

5. Budget

Next, you will select your budget and an optimization method. You can select a lifetime budget or a daily budget and you can also schedule your ads for which time it should start and end on particular dates You can schedule your ad in any way possible using the ad scheduler.

Budget and Bids for Facebook Ads
Budget and Bids for Facebook Ads

You can also choose to change what you’re bidding on (like link clicks or impressions), if you want to spend your ad budget as quickly as possible or spread it out over time, and if you want to set a cap on your bids.

6. Select an Ad Format

According to the type of ad you want to run, you can choose from:

  1. Single image ads – a single image is used of 4:5 dimension
  2. Video ads – video ad is used of 4:5 dimension
  3. Carousel ads – multiple videos and/or pictures of 4:5 dimension
  4. Canvas ads – opens up to be a full-screen mobile experience.
  5. Collection ads – it is a collection of selected products via a feed
Choose an Ad format for Facebook Ads
Choose an Ad format for Facebook Ads

Each ad type as its own unique benefits, but video ads and carousel ads have some of the highest engagement and CTR.

7. Analyze Your Ads

After you’ve started your campaigns, analyze them carefully. Facebook Ads Manager will show you the details of all of your active campaigns. Watch the CPC, clicks, CTR, CPM, relevancy score, and a number of actions taken. These are the most crucial metrics.


Facebook Ads has a lot of options to choose from, but once you’re familiar with the platform you will find it easy to create a campaign according to your objective. As long as you have a plan before going in, you can create ads that will be highly targeted, shown in the right devices and placement with the right bid and which will be a successful campaign according to your objectives defined.