Social media, of course, is a great platform to reach out to your potential customers in a much efficient way. If you have started a new business, then video content on social media websites works like magic for brand awareness and utility demonstration. However, if you are a business to business seller or targeting organizations as your audience, it’s very much necessary to make your video content strategically so that it looks professional, specific, and convincing. Here are a few hacks that would help you figure out the same –

  • Employ Interview: Employees are considered to be the heart of any organization. One can film a video, interviewing an employee about their work culture, skills, working environment, etc., and upload it on social media. Interview videos show the values of corporate culture by giving employees a platform to express themselves.
  • Reaction To Trending News: Another strategic content to attract business-audience is to film a video about your company’s reaction or opinion on any trending topic in the industry. This would establish you as a thought leader in the industry and could catch the eyeballs of the prominent players in the industry.
  • Behind The Scene: You can also film a video of unique machinery, processes, and assets and upload it on social media thereby using it as brand leverage. Also, you can ask an employee to record themselves in selfie-mode as they create a ‘day in the life’ account of a typical workday.
  • Highlight USPs:  Another killer content to attract business-audience is to make a video highlighting the USPs of your business. These USPs could be at the product or service level, category level, brand level, or business level at large.

So that’s pretty much about it. Now you have the secret sauce to create amazing video content that attracts and engages the business customer. Hope you liked the article.