Amidst this pandemic, online activities have skyrocketed like never before. People, at their convenience, are choosing different online platforms to learn, develop skills, engage themselves, and connect to their family, friends, and the world at large. If you have a Podcast channel, it is time you showed up! Not just to give lessons on skills but to use it as a marketing tool as well.

Reports say that podcasting is 1,428 times less competitive than blogging. Hence from a marketing and monetization standpoint, podcasting is indeed a highly profitable and efficient channel of marketing.

Here are a few tips with which you can optimize your podcast for search engines and be found any time and every time –

  • The Keyword Tip:  The first and foremost tip optimizing your podcast is keyword research and selection.  You need to decide and then focus on the keyword with which users will look up for your podcast on Google or any other search engine. If your niche is super competitive and filled with podcasts already, go for long-form keywords satisfying the search intent of users. This will help to rank your podcast in more number of searches and thereby bringing in more traffic.
  • Tip on Title Optimization: Title plays an important role while optimizing your podcast for search engines. The title should contain the focus keywords that you have decided for the podcast base on the research that you have made on the keyword with which users might lookup on Google or any other search engine. This will only help the search engines to better place your podcast in search results
  • The Description Tip: This is another crucial part of podcast optimization for search engines. Podcast metadata is super important. The search engines and the podcast platform searches such as Spotify and Apple use this metadata to better understand the context of your podcasts. Having an exact and detailed description would help you rank in searches. Hence, it is important to optimize the description as well.
  • The Conversion Tip: This is a critical step in optimizing your podcast for search engines. Whenever you release an episode of your podcast, release the transcript as a blog post. Also, ensure your blog post links back to the original episode. This helps to significantly increase the authority of your website which in turn will favor your podcast in the long run. Also, to hold a better rank in search results.

Well, that’s pretty much about it. Now you are all set to exploit podcast marketing. However, the content of the podcast is also important for better engagement. We will talk about it in some other article.