What could be more optimal than getting leads through email marketing? Yes, email marketing is one of those marketing channels that can gain you leads or conversions to some extent at a much optimal cost. Reaching out to the right person with the right email communication can do wonders for your conversions and revenue. However, to gain maximum output from such marketing activities you need to have a check on the changing trends. Here I am going to discuss a few trends that should work in the present scenario –

  • Employing AMP: AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. By employing AMP in emails, you can create interactive emails that allow users to complete an action such as buy a ticket, proceed with the checkout process, etc. from the email itself. This would decrease the drop–off rates and enhance your conversions.
  • Use Visuals: Using visuals, such as animations, cinemagraphs, animated illustrations, and 3D images, etc. is another hack that the marketers are using for better engagement or conversions. This helps your mail to stand out from the rest and thereby gain the attention of the receiver.
  • Artificial Intelligence-based Email Automation: Automated emails have become a normal thing now a day. However, you can employ the principles of AI in email marketing, so that the auto-generated email is data-driven and the generated email can address the problem, subject, or the person in particular.
  • Agile Email Marketing: This methodology is really helpful. It enables email professionals to reduce the turnaround time for every email template. It states that small steps facilitate remarkable achievements. It endorses a process-driven approach and helps to send out more relevant messages to subscribers. Rather than batch and blast emails, agile email marketing is all about reaching out to users with informative and useful content.

Well, this is pretty much about it. Try it out and give us your feedback. Stay tuned to read more informative articles on digital marketing.