Click-through-rate, shortly CTR, is a very important metric that digital marketers are concern about. It is important as it is directly proportional to sessions and probability of higher conversions, i.e. higher the CTR, the number of sessions on the websites, PLP, and PDP increases and so as the conversion in most cases. The colours used in the creatives of the ads play an important role in the increase or decrease in CTR. Yes, COLOUR! Here I bring to you a few hacks to choose colours of your ad-creative that can help you increase your CTR and gain more traffic and conversion –

  • Colour Can Be Chosen Based On Gender: You heard me right. Gender could be a very important factor in deciding the colours of the creative. Researchers have revealed that there are certain colours that are preferred mostly by men while some others mostly by women. Also, there are some colours preferred by both. If your product or content appeals to both men and women you can take a call to choose colours that are preferred by both the genders on the ad-creatives – blue, for example ( as per research performed by Kissmetrics). Similarly, for the products that appeal to men, the colour used in the ad-creatives should be preferred by men and vice versa.
  • Choosing Colour Based On Age: Colours of the ad-creatives do can be chosen base on age. Research shows that Younger audiences are attracted to high-contrast colours. As they grow old the attraction shifts to lighter tones and more pastel colours. As mention earlier, based on the set of audience that your product appeal to, you can take a call on choosing the colour of the ad creative and increase CTR and conversion.
  • Colours Based On Culture: Culture is also one of those prime factors to decide colours that are to be used in the ad-creatives to get desired CTR. If your products appeal to international customers then you need to be more cautious and specific about choosing them. For example: Studies shows that Americans and the people in the UK see blue as a positive colour. Using this colour in the ad-creative in these countries can help you get better CTR than any other colour for the same.

Well! These strategies have worked for us. I am sure it would work for you as well. Hope you like reading our blogs. Do let us know if you have any suggestions.