In the previous articles, we have already talked about what influencer marketing is and its enormous power in terms of brand building. Here, let’s discuss some of the killer strategies that can help to harness the power of influencer marketing and align it in a way that gives the best possible results out of it. In influencer marketing, the strategies have to be very much aligned to the business goal.  Once you have decided on the business goals you are all set to develop a marketing strategy. The following steps can help you come out with a profitable one –

  • Qualify Influencers That Your Potential Customers Follow and Listen To: With your audience clearly defined, you can finally start seeking out the influencers who will help you reach your goals and connect with your target market. Hence you need to qualify and work with influencers who can give an authentic voice to your brand that potential customers can follow. Also, the personality, language and lifestyle of the influencer should resonate with your target audience in the targeted market.
  • Giving Creative Freedom: Influencers know their audiences better than anyone else. Giving creative freedom would help them to create audience-centric content and thereby communicating the brand message easily and convincingly. Reports say that almost 77% of the influencers agree to the fact that providing them with enough room is very essential to drive the best results.
  • Launch Contests: A prize or a reward can drive anyone to take some desired action. Going by the same logic you can sponsor different contests launched by the influencers who have followers that match your target audience or plan one with the partner-influencer. This would help you to fulfill your business goal much faster.
  • Host Webinars & Podcasts: To enhance the audience engagement it is highly important to entertain and educate your audiences with your content. Hosting webinars and podcasts with the influencers help you to attain this and thereby enhancing your brand salience.
  • Use Relevant Hashtags: Yes, using relevant hashtags is of utmost importance in influencer marketing. This would give more visibility to your content on relevant topics. Hence, there will be an enhancement in engagement and actions.
  • Measure You Influencer Marketing Campaigns: It’s highly important to measure your influencer marketing campaigns for better performance.  There are various ways for measuring such campaigns. For ex. giving out affiliate codes or tracking links for the campaigns, creating specific hashtags to track what your influencers are doing. This would help you to anticipate issues that may occur and plan for actions in advance.

We think that these steps would be good enough to form a profit yielding influencer marketing strategy. Hope you like it.