Who else would know the value of awesome content writing but a digital marketer! I am sure you all will agree with me on this. No matter how beautiful, useful and important your products or services are, putting their utilities and values into words is an art. Good content can help your targeted customers to consider your products or services easily. It can also help in enhancing conversions. Here, I would like to discuss a few steps that can help you write clear and convincing content that can do wonders when it comes to consideration and conversions –

  • Identification Of Scope:   You need to identify the scope of your content. Basically, you need to set up answers for “What?”, “Where?”, “Who?” are you writing the content for. Once you figure the answers, all you need to do is organize the information in a meaningful chronology.
  • Story Formation: Story connects to people easily. You need to form a story that pulls people into your content. This is tricky. Remember, in the first step you have made a chronology of information that you have identified. In this step, you need to connect that information by filling the information gap between each other and thereby form a story outline.
  • Confrontation & Resolution: Confrontation is nothing but the acceptance of the challenge or the problem to solve and Resolution is the process through which the same will be solved. In the story, you need to highlight the challenges or the problems that your products or services are solving. Also, it’s recommended to highlight processes of achieving them as well. This will give your audiences a clear idea about your products and services and thereby increases the probability of them getting converted.

Well, you are all set to write killer content that converts. I would like to add one bonus tip – while developing the story for your content come to the “Confrontation” quickly as the customers only care about the problem that your product or the services are solving. Good Luck!