Marketing with video content is booming. It works like magic. Reports reveal that mobile video ads are five times more engaging than traditional standard banners. This means that digital marketers should consider video advertising as an opportunity and exploit it for maximum profit.
However, making video content for Youtube Ads, that is engaging and entertaining needs a lot of effort and skills. Here are some tips that can help you in making killer video content for YouTube ads. Think of these as minor add-ons that you can do while creating your content in return for maximum output:

  • Keep your videos short and sweet and engaging – 15 sec to 20 sec
  • The video should be made with “family safe” content.
  • Be clear about what your business offers since the video may be your sole communication with a site’s viewers
  • Use familiar faces
  • Build for sound on i.e. make videos with sound
  • Try to show your brand or product in natural usage
  • Two types of content work best and drive the highest brand recall:
    • Humorous videos
    • Videos with emotional connect
  • Deliver your brand’s name and most important / anchor message early (preferably first 5 seconds) in the video
  • Make sure the first six seconds are attention-grabbing so viewers don’t hit skip.
  • Provide clear next steps for customers to take after finishing the video
  • Have a clear call-to-action such as Subscribe, Click the bell icon, Watch the next video, click the link below, etc. within your Video or Google Us
  • The call-to-action within the video should match the colors and fonts that are associated with your brand
  • Make sure your landing page (website) is relevant to the content of the video