Facebook has recently started providing a new Facebook attribution tool in its business manager – a free tool which is designed to give marketers a more holistic view of the customer journey, both on and off. Facebook finally plugged in erstwhile Atlas which used to provide cross-platform and cross-device information into its ads manager. After Facebook Analytics, this takes the Facebook’s attempt to win over GA another step further. It remains to be seen how many marketers would actually take the paid to set up a parallel Attribution model after getting used to GA.

On first look, it seemed a bit complicated to set up the tool to start getting the insights. However, it is worth setting up for GA open version marketers for the simple reason that it provides some of the key insights which are only available in GA 360. I could see below three reports are quite handy and available for Free with Facebook Attribution.

  1. Cross-Device journey of users

This tool helps you understand the impact of your marketing efforts across devices, apps and publishers so you clearly understand the user digital journey and outcomes compared to when you are not running ads on a particular device. An example shared by Facebook is:

  1. Different Attribution models at fingertips

Apart from last touch attribution model popularized by GA open version, this tool helps you look into various attribution models to compare results.

  1. Data-driven attribution model

I liked the data-driven attribution part where it compares it with last touch attribution to provide estimated incremental impact of all marketing efforts. Below is the example shared by Facebook:

There are multiple other reports which are similar to reports that you can generate in GA. Facebook also claims to have complete coverage of digital touch points which are missed (45% touchpoints are missed). This is a great addition by Facebook to become standalone and complete advertising and data analysis platform. It is new and I am also exploring to learn it further. If you have find any feature in Facebook Attribution Tool which you see as unique or quite different from current measurement tools, please share in the comments below.